Dobergaarden works together with Agria

All dogs at Dobergaarden Forever, and the puppies thereafter, are insured by Agria to the great advantage of you as the buyer. And it is important that your puppy is well insured from the start, as a puppy can easily get sick or injured when it moves into a new home and begins to explore its new life and surroundings.

There is usually a waiting period for all health insurances in Denmark, and there is usually a 20-day waiting period with Agria Dyreforsikring. If you buy a puppy from Dobergaarden and take out an insurance immediately, ie. within the first 10 days after the puppy leaves our kennel, and the puppy is not yet 16 weeks old (the puppy must be registered in the Danish Kennel Club and health checked by a vet without remarks, which is standard for all our puppies), it gets a qualifying insurance.

This means that a puppy from Dobergaarden is covered for illness and injuries immediately – and Agria’s insurance applies the dog’s entire life.

You can read more about the cooperation between DDK & AGRIA HERE.