Our Warmest Welcome to Dobergaarden Forever

Dobergaarden Forever Kennel is located in the middle of West Jutland, on a beautiful farm between Varde and Ølgod where we moved in 2004 from Zealand. It’s a truly wonderful place with many opportunities for both people and dogs.

The countryside surrounding our farm is used extensively for cycling with our dogs and training as well, and during summer we love going to the nearby lake to swim with them. At the yard, we have our own training course fully equipped with everything for IGP training, and in addition, we also have fenced areas where the dogs can be exercised and enjoy playing.

Dobergaarden Forever is a certified kennel under the Danish Kennel Club (DKK), and as such we adhere to their standards and rules. This you can read more about here

The Community around Dobergaarden & its’ Dobermanns

Over the years I have come to know a lot of lovely and talented people with the same interest as myself in the Dobermann, both at home and abroad.

Many of these people are past puppy buyers, others I have met at exhibitions all around Europe or through my work as the chairman of the Danish Dobermann Club (and as former breed manager of the same). Not only have they gone on to become good friends of mine, but they are also a significant part of what makes it such a pleasure, and definitively a great lifestyle, to work with dogs and be a part of the community around the Dobermann breed. Should you as a Dobergaarden puppy buyer be interested in becoming a part of this then I will do my very best to include you and invite you to shows, competitions, and other events featuring the dogs.

The fact that I have sold puppies to most parts of the world also means many trips to various exhibitions where I stay with these friends. This, of course, also works the other way around. We often have friends from abroad who stay for several days, some either just to look at our dogs, others to buy puppies from Dobergaarden. Many who have bought puppies from us often come back just for a friendly visit, a show, or an event that we host. They might also need a bit of help with the training of their dog to reach their desired goals, and we always love to help with this and whatever advice and guidance we can provide. Occasionally we also have visits from skilled trainers here at our kennel who, together with Pierre, organise dog training and seminars all over Denmark.

How It All Began & Dobergaarden Today

It’s no secret that the Dobermann breed is my greatest passion which is also why I chose to establish my kennel. My love of the breed stem not only from the fact that the Dobermann makes for great training partners but also because it is one of the best and most loving and intelligent dogs you can get. Added to this they are also exceptionally beautiful and at the same time so graceful that it is a joy just to look at them.

This love of the Dobermann is impossible not to notice immediately upon arriving at our home. As seen in the picture above we have featured an art piece of a Dobermann front and center at our home – and there is a history behind it. The art is of our beloved Athos, the dog who in many ways began our work here at Dobergaarden. Athos was not just a beloved family member, he also went on to become IDC Sieger and an international multi-champion who performed equally well at IGP work and shows. Today his legacy is not only continued in several of our bloodlines – where his strength, intelligence, good nature, and stunning beauty have successfully been passed on, but he has also inspired our family to devote ourselves to the Dobermann breed. I have since then gone on creating many an award-winning Dobermann, and continue to love all my dogs.

However, this passion for the Doberman goes not for just myself with my work as a breeder, but also notedly with my son Pierre who helps with the training of my dogs alongside his own. Pierre originally worked with Athos and he has since gone on to become an extraordinary dog trainer and a fully trained utility model. Pierre is highly decorated in the German Shepherd Dog Club, and he is also active in several other clubs with courses and seminars. In 2014 he was decorated for 2 years in the German Dobermann-Verein club after which he could take part in various national tests, including ZTP in Germany.

My Breeding & Dobergaarden Dogs

I do not breed for commercial reasons but – as stated above – out of devotion to the Dobermann. Breeding is not a profitable job, quite the opposite in truth – rather, it is a labour of love. As such I do not necessarily breed a specific number of litters a year. Instead, I breed selectively with an eye for both the well-being of my dogs, for the future of my bloodlines, and for what I can add to the breed as a whole through these.

Right now we currently have two breeding females at the kennel, others either having retired (but remained with me nonetheless) or being too young still. You can find a list here of all our dogs and their results.

We sometimes collaborate on a litter with some of our past puppy buyers who might want a litter of puppies from their females but don’t want to be alone in this process. However, we only agree to this when we have determined the females are good enough to add to the breed, having achieved good results in competitions and shows, having a ZTP (at a minimum), and, finally, being of the right age and having shown good results in the required health-tests. We put a lot of focus on the health of the dogs that we breed, and therefore we thoroughly test our dogs for various diseases before breeding/mating them. You can read more about this here and here. If the females are deemed suited to breeding, they are then matched with the best males available whether this is in Denmark or not, and who I find likely to produce wonderful puppies together with the female.
These are the requirements I have set on any litter we add to the Dobergaarden name, and this way we can occasionally create between 3-5 litters a year. This number varies however as I want to protect the health of my dogs and don’t necessarily breed them every year, and it is not always that I collaborate with others on a litter.

Ultimately the health and happiness of all my dogs, and the promise of a good home for their puppies, are essential to me. Due to this I always take great care in helping you find the best match according to what you wish and what your lifestyle requires. Should you for example primarily want a family dog then I will advise you on which puppy to choose and which litter might suit you the best. This is important to me as a responsible breeder as some litters have produced dogs with a mentality and energy level better suited towards work – and who thus might be better suited to something with an interest in this, while others make for absolutely wonderful family dogs. As I spend every day with the puppies from the moment they are born (and as I know their mother and often know their father as well), I am in the best position to know their personality and the like, and thus can help you make the right choice. 

Since the relationship between you and your dog should last for many years, it is important when it comes to the right match, but it is also very much about my part in bringing up a happy, healthy, and well-socialised puppy for you to bring home. To read more about all the work that goes into this, click here. My goal is to create puppies that develop good health, with a good psyche, a good temperament preferable suited for multi-use, and, finally who are beautiful. In the first 8 weeks, I work with my puppies to stimulate all their senses through playing and socialisation, ensure their proper physical development, and more. It is very important to me that the puppies are given the best possible start in life so they are happy and always have a good amount of self-confidence and courage along with them when it is time for them to leave home.

How to Contact Us

I speak Danish, English, and German, so you are always welcome to call me for a Dobermann chat on my phone at +45 22 66 11 19 or contact me via mail at dobergaarden@gmail.com.

You can also keep up with what’s happening at our kennel via FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/dobergaarden

Best regards,

Hanne Lundahl, owner of Dobergaarden Forever




+45 22 66 11 19

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DK 32 98 84 23

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