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My dogs are my great passion and I live and breathe for the Dobermann. As such I do not breed for commercial reasons, but because I love the breed and it is my goal to create Dobermann puppies that develop good health with a good psyche, dogs that are beautiful and have good temperaments for multi-use. To try and ensure this I make sure to give my dogs the best possible upbringing and education before using them for breeding, so I can pass on the good genes they have proven to their offspring.

I spend pretty much all my time with the dogs and when we have puppies. I spend all of the first 8 weeks with them, sleeping in the same room so I can keep a close eye and take care of them and their mom until they are ready to leave home. In the first 8 weeks, my puppies will stimulate all their senses, be indoors with family members, and will be well prepared for leaving home with a great deal of confidence and curiosity about the new world. It’s very important to me that they are socialised in the best possible way so our puppies always have a good amount of self-confidence and courage in their back-pack when leaving home. This early work with the puppies is essential to ensure you get a well-balanced and healthy dog, and I take great pride and joy in ensuring this as best as possible.

I have a close working relationship with Anicura Varde and have worked together with them for more than 20 years to ensure the health and safety of my dogs throughout their entire lives. I use the veterinarians from Anicura to perform health checks on all my puppies before they leave home and to get the proper vaccines and so on.

Added to that, when buying a puppy from Dobergaarden, you will find that we are always there for both you and your dog, both before and after you bring your new little family member home. Should you ever need any help with your dog after getting it, I’ll always be there to help as best as possible. I know where all the dogs I have bred are, and should you ever be in a position where you are no longer able to keep your dog or the like, I’ll be there to help you too in this.





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